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The holidays have started for both school students and also for me as my 'so-called' sem break. Went for a holiday trip with my family for a week. First stop was Singapore. It was my first time in Singapore. Yes, I know, I live in Malaysia, so near to Singapore and I've never been there but have been to many other places. My friends tease me about it a lot but I think other countries I've been to seems more legit than Singapore. My first night there I went over to Marina Bay Sands. The view was absolutely beautiful. Here are some pictures I took.
 Was not able to get a proper picture but the building looked so cool!
 The Watershow 
 The view from KuDeTa Restaurant. SO BLOODY STUNNING. Oh and the food? AMAZING. My god was it worth each and every penny paid. The food was so good we ate so much till we could barely get up. Just amazing. If you ever visit there, make sure you order the Blue Fin Tuna. Just amazing. Can't get enough of Marina Bay Sands. It's just so amazing. MUST VISIT when in Singapore!!
 The place where I sat with my family at the restaurant. 
 The next day we head down to Universal Studios. The globe was surprisingly really tiny compared to the one in Japan. And again, pictures!
 Mel's Girls. They were absolutely amazing.
 Marilyn Monroe

Yes he is an actual mascot. Make sure you go right on time if you want to have a meet and greet with him. The queue is crazy.

Battleship Galactica : CYLON (blue) & HUMAN (red)
Okay so here goes my overall review of USS. First of all, its really small. I expected it to be a little bit bigger but the settings are all very well done. The food is pretty good. Their churros are horrible. It's quite difficult to search for the character appearances. Now for the attractions, honestly I feel there isn't much. If you're crazy over thrill rides like me, these are a few I advise all of you for a MUST Ride/Watch.
  1. Transformers : The Ride (I went for it 3 times)
  2. Battlestar Galactica : CYLON (I went for it twice. HUMAN is boring compared to CYLON)
  3. Revenge of The Mummy : The Ride (Okay, it freaked me out!)
  4.  Jurrassic Park Rapid Adventure (I got soaked)
  5. Shrek 4-D Adventure 
Those were the 5 that really attracted me. Everything else was just normal and abit more for the kids I guess.  It's okay I guess. Now for my rant about something I heard in Singapore that really pissed me off. I was in the cab on the way to the airport when I heard the radio DJ talking about the traffic report. He was talking about a jam from Malaysia to Singapore and proudly said this 'They come in to Singapore but none of us wants to go there *laughs*' and then the female DJ said 'No, we go there for holidays too' the male DJ then says 'Yeah, they come here to work we go there for holiday' LOOK BITCH, don't think we don't have rich ass people in Malaysia that actually goes to your country for a holiday instead of work. YOU AREN'T ALL THAT. Stop looking down on us. Trust me, if Penang governement stays the same for the next few years, we'll be head to head with Singapore. SO STOP TALKING BAD ABOUT US dickhead. The rest of the people I met and talked with there that knows I'm Malaysian were pretty nice. But to that dickhead DJ, I hope you get fired. No hard feelings, I still like Singapore :)
Next post will be about my next stop, Redang. Stay tune! Nx

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