Holiday Trip : Redang

Pulau Redang

We actually stopped at KL for a little shopping but nothing much on that. Updates on Redang! My family and I come here often. Okay quick review for you guys, if you're like me and my family where all we do mostly is tan, eat, sleep, read and swim then Coral Redang is the perfect resort for you. But if you like to have more activities in groups are in a big group or just loud in general, please go to Laguna Resort. Sharing a few photos with you guys.
So this trip, I went diving again. And it was like dejavu because it was the same place and also with the same diving instructor, who is just so cute. Yes I have a thing for Aussies. The last time I went to Australia I was literally drooling everywhere. 
 Phil, daddy and me. I am so bloody short.
Awesome daddy being so cute.
Okay I only like this picture because my legs look amazing here. Nothing much haha.
Daddy and Me after diving. Had so much fun. Was amazing.
 Here are some pictures of Redang that I took and really like to share with you guys how beautiful the island is.

 The water was just amazing. Perfect temperature and so clear. Remember to put on tons of sunblock tho.
 If you guys read my twitter, I mentioned about playing volleyball right? Here is where I played volleyball for 3days when I was there. It was so much fun but sadly to admit, I really suck at the sport. The guys were like so pro and so friendly. One of them, Mas, was extremely funny and spontaneous. If I could I would play like that everyday. I should go back to high school to play more with my juniors!
Okay, he is too cute okay. I tak boleh tahan. I had to share this picture with you guys. He probably has my facebook and might come across my blog and see this picture and think I'm some mad stalker. I'm not honestly, he is just too cute. Damn shit I was taking a picture of the place and he had to be there and smile so cutely wtf. OKAY I'm crazy, I zoomed in, cropped it. HAHAHAH. Okay I should get back to my boyfriend and not go crazy. Hehe. Till here lovelies. Nx

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