HELLO! I love the cap. Isn't that cap awesome?! Wait, you can barely see it. ANYWAYS, I tried to put in a little more effort in this post because I haven't been posting much lately. Been busy with college. I have been motivated to study a little bit more because I don't wanna look like some bimbo and ever since my dad told me about this one scholarship someone is gonna offer me if I get straight A's I have never been more motivated to study. The scholarship is one where they send me to Ireland [freaking sexy ass boys from there, eg. One Direction and Westlife!] to study whatever course I wanna take up. Pretty awesome huh?
Dress : Topshop, Envelope Bag : Fourskin
So yesterday I went out with my lovelies Yolande, Boyf and Sean. We girls decided to wear a dress. She turned up in a floral dress as well coz, you see, she is madly in love to suddenly wear a dress to college. *teehee*
Had dinner with Daniel after that at TGIF. The environment there was really cool. It looked really awesome especially the bar area (I'm talking about the one at Gurney Paragon). Spent a good dinner and night with him. Finally had a meal together after talking about it for ages! Was nice meeting up.
So Valentines Day is coming up. Any plans for ya'll? Mine is pretty sucky coz I will be having classes and driving classes as well. ugh.

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