Last Day of 2011

Its New Years Eve today, and I thought why not have a post sharing my most amazing memories of 2011 for me?
okay so firstly, in 2011, I found an amazing group of friends that I will never forget. I'm glad we're all still in contact. I absolutely love them dearly.

Secondly, I graduated from high school in 2011. Best of all, I graduated from an amazing class that accepts each and everyone in their own ways. I graduated from a 1994 batch that was fucking amazing and bloody hell we had the best results for nearly everything in ou! Hopefully we get the best results for SPM too.

In 2011, one of the most amazing things that happened to me was being able to join the schools first big time musical ; Cinderella in the 21st Century. Best part of this was I was given the leading role and of course I met amazing people and learn to work with people. The musical made me feel at ease. It made me feel like I was something. Best experience with the best people.

I went to my first Prom Night. haha. delightful experience with my schoolmate. I was blessed to have had such a memorable experience with my classmates who I stayed with at the hotel. Play safe bitches! hahahah

Highlight of my year? I FUCKING SAW WESTLIFE LIVE! omg it was my childhood dream to see them perform live. Even though I wasn't all the way in front, it was still a bloody amazing experience to hear their voice with no alterations. Such a beautiful night.

Lastly, I left someone who was ruining my life, and months after, I un-friendzoned one of my closest friends and I've been having the most loving relationship I ever had. He is an amazing sweet boy and I know he loves me dearly. After 3 years and 3 exs, he still has me in his heart. I love this idiot dearly and thank god our relationship isn't one of those kiddy relationships. I literally found the boyfriend of my dreams.

I hope you guys had a good year in 2011. Some of the things happened for a reason. People come and go, people change. Just pray for whats gonna happen next. Enjoy life as it is :)

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