so I went to Bali, Indonesia last week. this time it was more of shopping and relaxing instead of sight seeing like the previous time I went. no personal pictures but here are a few I took.

Bintang Beer. a must try when youre at Bali or as a matter of fact in Indonesia.

Bubba Gump. a good place to have seafood. a bit expensive. but if you ever go there, try their margarita than comes with a special something.

their hand carvings are a must buy. all very beautiful especially those of Buddha and Ganesha.

Elephant Cave is also another interesting place to visit. has some really cool history to it.

if possible, go to the beach during sunset. its absolutely stunning. but of course, people like me, would waste their time more on shopping. hehe
[oh, and i passed my Undang Test. haha]

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