High School Graduation

so i FINALLY graduated from High School. it was an emotional day for us. i cried so much i felt so tired after. i had spent, 11 years of my life in CGL and never did a day passed by with any feelings of regret of being that school. yeah there were days where i hated school, but tbh, i think CGL is amazing. not all schools have such dedicated teachers as the teachers in CGL are. and not all schools are as united as CGL is. i love my school and the people i had spent time with. so here are the camwhore pictures we took on that day. heh.

Jesslyn, Shu Min, Angel.

my amazing girls. love them to death <3
Jesslyn, Angel, Shu Min.

these two girls have been in my life since i was 4. they have been like my sisters. <3
Shankari and Gowri.

amazing group of friends indeed
Cheng Im, Sharvini, Qian Hui, Wei Yin, Jesslyn, Shu Min, Nithiyaa

Qian Hui, Wei Yin, Nithiyaa

5Mahir class of 2011
this is THE BEST class i've ever been in. they are the most amazing group of girls i had spent a whole year with. the other classes i was in was okay, had some memories. but 5Mahir is definately the best and will never forget them and the amazing times we had.

Nithiyaa, Shu Min, Yan Ling, Jesslyn, Angel, Claudia, Jayne

Qian Hui and Agnes

Jesslyn, Qian Hui, Angel

Jesslyn, Qian Hui, Angel, Shu Min, Wei Yin, Joey

absolutely love this picture.
Jesslyn, Sharvini, Qian Hui, Shu Min, Angel, Wei Yin, Joey
my high school years will never be forgotten. till here, i have SPM to sit next week. will be back updating after my major exams. love ya'll! xx

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