This has been in my drafts for 10 days. I've got this bad habit of doing this recently but I've been trying to figure things out at work that I don't really know what to do with myself personally. I've lacked inspiration, I've lacked passion in everything I've been doing recently and it feels absolutely horrible. I question myself all the time 'What am I doing? Does this even work?' and yet every time I can never give myself a whole answer. I'm kinda hanging around like a headless chicken and honestly, that really sucks. My drive to do things I wanna do has just been at parked mode when it really should be in drive mode. So much frustration! But that aside, I had a great time spending Chinese New Year back home. I miss my family terribly right now but if looking like a potato sack is trendy, I probably nailed the look below.
Dress: Striped midi dress, Zara
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Slip ons, Cotton On
 I wish I had more to show or something new to share with you guys but I've really been so drained recently but I do hope that things will get better. On a plus side I just made an order from so that could mean new and better OOTDs! I will definitely be sharing more when I have the time and not feel like dying. Till here, I only wish all of you well. Nx

Glow and Shine

It's not too late for a quick and easy Chinese New Year look! Here is a quick, little effort make up look which will make you glow.You don't need the exact products I used but one that I would advise you to use would be the Stila Highlighting Palette. That palette will make you glow so bright people could you from miles away.

  1. Prime your face! Use your a primer suited for your skin. Here I used a colourless primer for a more natural finish.
  2. Conceal all the little blemishes and under the eyes to make you look fresh and flawless. No foundation needed coz that shit takes up so much time but if you want, by all means go ahead!
  3. Set the concealer with some finishing powder.
  4. Shape your eyebrows however you want it. What I do is I use the pencil to draw the ends of my brow and lightly line around before filling it in with some tinted brow gel.
  5. A quick hassle-free eye look - just enhance your lashes with mascara and line your lash line with a smudge free eyeliner.
  6. Add some blush, a shade that suits most naturally on your skin tone and add a little bit of bronzer to shape your face. No crazy contour because this is suppose to be a quick, easy and natural glow look.
  7. HIGHLIGHT AND GLOW LIKE A DISCO BALL. The intensity is really up to you. I went for something more natural just on my cheekbones, my nose and my brow arch. Using your fingers will enhance the pigmentation but I prefer using a blending brush to create a more blended highlight instead of one streak of white on my face.
  8. Top it all off with a nude lipstick. Use matte lipstick for it to last you through your entire reunion dinner.

This has been my go-to look recently because it will only take you 15 minutes or less to complete the look. Natural but enough to enhance your features and to give out that natural glow. I hope you guys found this helpful, even if it's just a little bit. I'm back in Penang and am so happy to be back. The joy of coming home is incomparable. Here's to wishing all of you a very auspicious Chinese New Year! Till here, I hope you're all well. Nx

Amora Scarlett

My first post for in 2017! Time passed so fast it's crazy. Next thing you know, Chinese New Year is just a week away! Chinese New Year is the season of going home, reuniting with your family, receiving (or giving) ang pows and new clothes! I've gotten a few new clothes even though I would not be celebrating this year. One of the new pieces I got was a pair of really cool sunnies from Amora Scarlett, which if you had seen on my Instagram, it's really monochromatic.
They have all sorts of sunnies available, even jewellery! Personally I really like their sunglasses because not only is it good quality (protecting your eyes is important!) but really stylish. This month, in conjunction with Chinese New Year, get free shipping with a minimum purchase of RM88 with Amora Scarlett! A pretty great deal if you ask me. Below are some syiok sendiri pictures of my new sunglasses from Amora Scarlett. 

In all seriousness though, I actually, really, really, like these sunglasses. To add on to the free shipping offer, get 10% off any purchase above RM50 with the code NICOLE78 when you shop on Amora Scarlett! Happy shopping this festive season and protect your eyes from the scorching CNY heat. Hope you're all well! Nx