This is April

One of Indonesia's top local brands This Is April is coming to Malaysia! They will be opening their first store in Malaysia this March in Sunway Pyramid - yaaaasss! Their pieces are very simple, elegant and sophisticated, you can check it out on their website here. Below are a few pieces I got from This Is April and how I styled them.
This Is April piece - Genta Top Navy
This top is actually meant to be a kimono top and can be worn losely but for this look I decided to tie to the back instead of the front. That's what I love about this top, tie it any way you like for any occasion and it will still look darn cute, unless you have a growing food baby like me lol.
This Is April piece - Erigion Dress Navy & Tirov Shoes Navy
I am not lying when I say this, this dress is SUPER comfortable. I would wear this dress to work anytime and for any lazy day without looking like a slob. The shoes are super cute with the bling, which I think would look super cute with a casual saree.
This Is April piece - Rissa Top WhiteJust look at that top. LOOK AT IT! So cute! That face on the top was the reason I decided to get it. This collar top would be great for casual wear and formal wear with a touch of quirkiness. 
You don't have to wait till their store opens in Sunway Pyramid this March, you can head over to their website and get your pieces. Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx

Yellow Brick Road

And... it is 2018! How did 2017 pass so fast and most importantly, how did I survive 2017?! Quite frankly, I'm proud of myself for pulling through my darkest times and pushing my way through the year, plastering a fake smile on my face. Life is tough, but you really can't expect diamonds to look the way they do without some polishing. I'm looking forward to a better, happier, more successful, more creative, less bullshit year. Ready for a change - to a healthier life in 2018!

Many thanks to Amora Scarlett for sending me this pair of super dope sunnies. Their new items are super intricate and unique + the quality is top notch.

Top: Mustard cropped hoodie, H&M
Bottom: Studded denim shorts, Zara
Bag: Faux fur backpack, Shibuya
Glasses: Papillon gold chrome frame with black lens, Amora Scarlett
I've been actively practicing my eye makeup skills recently and it has made me so happy that it now doesn't look so shitty anymore! Here I'm wearing Colourpop's Yes Please! palette which is super pigmented and easy to apply. I've now tried a handful on Colourpop items and in my opinion, their lippie stix and eyeshadows are 10x better than their Ultra Satin or Matte lippies. I'll always support Lime Crime's Velvetines. I recently bought a bunch of stuff from Colourpop and will be doing a post on that so stay tuned because loud lady here isn't dead yet. Till here, I wish you a better year ahead! Nx

Space Jam

What's up, Doc? It's been too long! I've been busier than ever and was just in a very bad place in life. I'm slowly getting out of it, trying my best to stay sane and keep moving forward. It can get difficult when you're emotionally and mentally unstable in this line of work but one thing for sure, I'm truly blessed and glad to work with who I work with today. They've given me support I never thought I would receive from anyone else apart from Kieran. Just showing they cared really touches me and makes me feel a little bit better about going to work.

Anyway, after a few months of not posting, finally here is an outfit post that is super comfy and striking hoodie (it's a Space Jam hoodie!). I normally don't dress in bright colours but this top is an exception. I used to watch Space Jam on repeat as a child and Bugs Bunny is literally me, today, an annoying adult but Tweety Bird has always been me... nose so flat it looks like it doesn't exist.
Top: Space Jam cropped hoodie, Forever 21
Bottom: Distressed mini denim skirt, Zalora
Bag: Soft leather tote bag, Longchamp
Shoes: Nike Air Huarache, via JD Sports
Glasses: Reflective cat eye sunglasses, Cotton On
I felt the skirt added that extra 90's touch, it reminds me of the days when I was 13 and wanted to be cool in my mini denim skirt I wore almost every time I went to the mall. If you want to go with an ever more 90's look, swap the sunglasses for tinted glasses (red would be cool to match the top) and platform shoes as such Baby Spice would wear! Till here, I hope you're all well! Nx