Mini Collective Haul - at a budget!

The problem with shopping is that I don't have enough money. EVER. I shop a lot and it is a bad habit but here is some of the stuff I bought over the long weekend at an affordable price thanks to the vouchers from Worthy Book!
I bought two scented candles and 3 glitter hand sanitisers. The new scent and packaging for the candles are so pretty! I love it when things not only look good but smell good. The hand sanitiser smells amazing and it leaves little tiny speckles of glitter on your hand! Bought all of this with 20% off! Super worth it and now my room smells amazing.
Obviously I had to shop on Zalora also. I bought a bunch of new clothes for my trip to Bali, super bohemian chill vibe. These 3 out of 7 items are my favourite. Again, on top of the sale that was on Zalora, I managed to get it all with and extra 20% off too! Damn cheap and got me so excited for my trip - I'm heading off next weekend!
I've also  been wanting a tote bag that I can leave it car so that I could use it any time, especially because I hate taking plastic bags when I go shopping. I bought this bag from Just In Case for half the price - I repeat, HALF the price. It's so pretty! I also bought a new phone cover while I was there.
Worthy Book's ladies edition is not available in major bookstores and selected myNews and 7-11 outlets around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor or you could get it from their website From one shopaholic to another, you need to get this book to save on your expenses. You can also splurge on spa vouchers, manicure vouchers and so much more. For more information you can follow their social media pages below and happy shopping ladies!

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...not exactly flawless but pretty confident with the way I look. Things have been extremely hectic at work. All the events, preparation, planning - everything is just much. I barely have time alone, can you imagine how my seniors are working? Their butts off. Anyway, just a quick outfit post with my new 'flawless' sweater which looks more like 'less' coz my hair is covering it lol.
Top: Flawless cropped sweater,
Bottom: Wrapped bodycon skirt, Zalora
Shoes: Black creepers, Platinum Mall in Bangkok
I've been loving copped sweaters recently, super trendy looking and comforable. It's going to be a very busy month, but I have more experiences to share with all of you and my trip to Bali is in May! I'm looking forward to so many things coming up. I apologise for not being able to update more often but I will try and do my best. I hope all is well for all of you! Nx


This has been in my drafts for 10 days. I've got this bad habit of doing this recently but I've been trying to figure things out at work that I don't really know what to do with myself personally. I've lacked inspiration, I've lacked passion in everything I've been doing recently and it feels absolutely horrible. I question myself all the time 'What am I doing? Does this even work?' and yet every time I can never give myself a whole answer. I'm kinda hanging around like a headless chicken and honestly, that really sucks. My drive to do things I wanna do has just been at parked mode when it really should be in drive mode. So much frustration! But that aside, I had a great time spending Chinese New Year back home. I miss my family terribly right now but if looking like a potato sack is trendy, I probably nailed the look below.
Dress: Striped midi dress, Zara
Bag: Mini sling bag, Mango
Shoes: Slip ons, Cotton On
 I wish I had more to show or something new to share with you guys but I've really been so drained recently but I do hope that things will get better. On a plus side I just made an order from so that could mean new and better OOTDs! I will definitely be sharing more when I have the time and not feel like dying. Till here, I only wish all of you well. Nx